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Best Professional SEO Services Provider in Lagos, Nigeria Search engine optimization remains the most important piece of internet marketing. SEO incorporates technical and creative elements to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness among search engines. There is a combination of many important characteristics and pieces to consider when it comes to SEO. TechSense, a professional SEO services company out of Lagos, Nigeria, can help you achieve your goals.
TechSense Nigeria is for Evolving Start-ups and Pre-existing Brands. We focus on nothing but personifying your brand existence, we provide premium web solutions for evolving startups and pre-existing brands looking for excellent turnaround. TechSense works as the web partners for businesses who want to make their online marketing and design initiatives as productive and efficient as possible. We cover: Web Design Ecommerce Website Development CMS Development
With our creativity and passion mixed excellence we deliver successful results. As a full service digital marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria, TechSense offers web design, app development, branding and internet marketing specializing in interactive media, responsive web design, search marketing and Google advertising. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services for every budget, and our clients include start-ups, small businesses as well as well-known corporations. ..

About TechSense Nigeria

We are Google certified digital marketing professionals with the aim of taking new and existing businesses online to take advantage of the numerous growth opportunities online through digital marketing. Our team of experienced and passionate programmers are committed to offering the best design, coding and programming to build your website and grow your business at affordable prices. Our aim at TechSense Nigeria is to become your long term business partner. Your success will mean our success, increasing your sales/positive impressions is why we are here. It's our obligation to help you succeed.

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5-Step Online Business Advantage
You’re THE authority, your business is EVERYWHERE online, and people choose you over your competitors.

5-Step Online Business Advantage

1.Get listed: in the Big 3 (Google Local, Yahoo Local, MSN/Bing Local)
2. Dominate : Your site appears in local, natural, and paid search results.
3. Move Up: Dominate the front page by making your site search engine-friendly.
4. Lead the Pack: Use videos, press releases, articles, social content sites, online classifieds, online business directories, and online review sites to make the search engines fall in love with your site.
5. Your Phone Rings: Off The Hook Your customers can find you—and you see the results in your increased profitability.

How Easy Can Customers Find You Online?

We will build for you a solid web presence for your small business, including; promotional and branding packages, social media, graphic designs, affordable and attractive websites. Do it Yourself Web Service Full training and support for the do it yourself entrepreneur.

Get More Customers – Automatically

You Improve Your Business When You Go Online

Your customers are looking for you Online – Can They Find You?

Over 1 BILLION local searches every month (and growing 50% every year) 80% of buyers search online FIRST. 2 out of 3 people use Google to find businesses online. Can they find you even if they don’t know your business’ name? Here’s how people click: #1 ranked site gets 41% of the clicks #2 ranked site gets 12% of the clicks #3 ranked site gets 8.5% of the clicks If you’re not in Google’s top 3, your competitors are getting YOUR clicks.

Social Media For Your Business

Social media marketing can be the most powerful and inexpensive marketing avenue available to any business regardless of how big or small you are. Through proper Social Media Management you can accelerate your business growth.

Let Google do the Work for YOU

When it comes to being online its really easy to put up a web page that just ends up getting lost. The good news is there are ways to make Google and other Search Engines do the work of getting good qualified leads and customers FOR you!

PPC Ads Paid Web Traffic

Paid advertising with PPC is the best way to get the targeted traffic you want. Its also a good way to lose a lot of cash. Fast! Full keyword research is necessary before beginning any pay per click campaign for proper bidding strategies and ad performance.

Become a Household Name by Building Your Brand

If you are new to your business or just have never built an effective brand before do you know where to start? Branding you and your company can help make you irresistible to a potential client, position you as an authority, and attract a stable customer.

You Need a Website

A Successful Online Business Needs an Attractive Website

If you don’t have a website for your business you really do need one. It is your shop, and your representative that never sleeps. 24/7 a website works hard to promote your business and service customers. Even as you sleep. Take the steps today, it's easier and more affordable with TechSense Nigeria.

Let's Look at How The Website Promote Your Business

Let’s say…
• 100,000 people across the web are looking for your services or searching for what you offer, each month.
• If you can get even 10% to come to YOUR site, that’s 10,000 visitors a month.
• If only 10% of that traffic CALLS you about your services, that's 1000 and only 25% of them buy… that’s 250 NEW customers in a month.
• If your services or products cost N2o,ooo … that’s N5000,000 more in your pocket every month!

Your online domination begins with a 30 minute FREE CONSULTATION, where we’ll assess your current site, estimate your available traffic, and customize an initial go-forward plan for optimizing your site and creating a stream of online traffic to get your phones ringing.

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